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Drama Korea Spring Has Come Subtitle Indonesia

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Spring Has Come

Premieres on  January 13
Okay, this isn’t a K-drama, but it stars our dearest, EXO’s Kai! In this new Japanese drama, Kishikawa Naoko (Kurashina Kana, The Reason I Can’t Find My Love) is a 31-year-old lingerie store employee. As a single sales associate at a lingerie department store, her days are always predictable and boring. In short, Naoko’s life is thoroughly dull.
Lee Ji Won (EXO’s Kai, Andante) is a handsome and charming photographer from South Korea. While visiting Japan, he runs into Naoko. As he grows closer to her and her family, Lee Ji Won begins to have a profound impact on both Naoko and the rest of the Kishikawa clan.
With her dull life suddenly not so dull anymore, Kishikawa Naoko doesn’t know how to adapt as Lee Ji Won creates change all around her. But when the sales associate and the photographer are both so different, will their new spring of change end in a warm summer?

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